Intermediate Level - 1

1. A lesson plan with rationale to reflect the understanding of the appropriate use of the Educational Software or Digital Resource for teaching and learning.


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廢物起動 - 環保再生傢俱展檢自

廢物起動 環保再生傢俱展檢自

廢物起動2 - 展覽檢自

廢物起動3: 環保再生燈飾展 | Facebook檢自
環境局 - 短片「少棄置,多珍惜」減廢大行動動儀式檢自
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JCCAC 賽馬會創意藝術中心檢自

This is the PowerPoint file I have used in the lesson plan at Intermediate (IIT) Level:

These are the online digital resources (YouTube) for teaching: 

 Online Video 1 - Bee Movie 

 Online Video 2 - Vase

 Online Video 3 - Windmill 

 Online Video 4 - 環保再生傢俱展

Intermediate Level - 2

2. A reflective statement of how ICT affects/helps students' learning.

Intermediate Level - 3

3. A self-evaluation of how you have used Educational Software or Digital Resource to teach a particular topic, which includes an evaluation of the teacher's (yourself) and students' performance during the lesson.

Visual Arts classroom and IT facilities.

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